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We invest in each of our client’s products ensuring high amount of success on the app stores. Our ASO techniques help acquire new customers without a single money spent on marketing. Our unique UX driven design philosophy has helped our clients deliver custom experiences to each of their users.

Native Android & iOS

We are India’s top app development company with partnerships with global firms for design and development collaboration. We primarily develop Native iOS and Android Apps while delivering consistent web experiences.

UX Consulting

Our UX experts work with you to map out custom user personas and journeys. We build using motivational design techniques which can drive specific user behaviour. We have helped product based apps to change the way they were built from ground up.

Wearables Development

Be it Apple Watch, Android Watches or integration of fitness wearables APIs with apps, we have done it all. Our minimal UI concepts allow unique app interactions for small devices.

IoT & Beacons

Our crazy inventors have built integrated apps for IoT based coffee makers, treadmills and even chemical testers. Come and see our iBeacon demo at our New Delhi headquarters to see how iBeacons & Eddystones can be used to create the next gen experience in e-Commerce.

Our Key Clients

Native Apps.
Built using Customized Agile Product Development Methods

At Grey Chain, we build apps both for us and clients with the same diligence and approach. Our unique Hybrid agile methodology enables clients to be fully involved in all project phases and be informed at all times.

grey-chain-strategy grey-chain-strategy
Our Business consultant gets embedded in your thought process and monitors your end user’s behaviour to map out the user journey in the app.
grey-chain-design grey-chain-design
With a team of UI and UX experts we build your app design in conjunction with your needs and requirements.
grey-chain-development grey-chain-development
We build in agile cycles where you get MVPs after every 2-3 weeks depending on the project type and duration. We have robust unit and smoke testing practices enabling error free code even for MVPs.
grey-chain-release grey-chain-release
Our incremental release management approach is something our clients have testified for. We build in increments and deployed completely working code at every release, with minimal impact on the end users.
Apps cutting across all industries and verticals.
  • eCommerce Discovery? Yes
  • iBeacon Retail Setup? Simple
  • Cloud Implementation? Easy
  • API Integrations? Smooth
Quik Catalog - eCommerce Simplified
Free for all - Easy Catalog creation platform for Android, iOS and Web allowing B2B product promotions and enquiries.
CA Social
Exclusive professional social network for Chartered Accountants globally. Chatrooms, Jobs, Discussions - all in one.
Cross-Platform Apps that
Simplify your life.
Bose Professional
Business Catalogue Android and iOS apps for Bose Professional Range of Products. With over 1200+ images and 500+ PDF, the app is heavily optimized for content with only a size of <50 MB.
Indian Rojgar
with 2,50,000 downloads, it is our crown piece with simplified interface and lean design practices.

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